fungutopia is an installation,
a workshop, a prototype
and a community-project //

As an installation fungutopia shows the different possibilities
that mushrooms offer to help to make the world a
better place: Mushrooms are open source medicine, food,
fertilizer and soil-recovery-method. They can be cultivated
quite simply even indoor and are perfect for urban fungiculture.
The workshop shows simple techniques to grow
mushrooms in cities, whereas the prototype MUSHroom
tries to combine Open Source Electronics with Biology to
grow even more rare medicinal species year round indoor.
As a community-project fungutopia tries to bring together
people for urban fungiculture and share knowledge and
experience. The Online Community is
the web equivalent of the f2f experience. //

Fungutopia is a project by Laura Popplow,
in cooperation with Tine Tillmann (fungifiction)
and Kyra Porada (fungutopia station).

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